The Most Precious of all Gifts

Dustin and Tiffany Teenagers

What a Handsome Happy Baby
My Blessing from God
Dustin 7-10 yrs old
Proud Grandma
Dustin and Tiffany Teenagers
My Beautiful Daughter Tiffany
Dustin and Me
Dustin and his Dad
The Few the Proud the Marines
Eye of the Tiger
Christmas's Early Year

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  Roxie A. Yockey


Yesterday life was so precious, so new

Filled with the promise

Of dreams to come true

Yesterday we held hands

And walked in the lane

Yesterday I asked you

To take my ring and my name

Yesterday we took our stroll down the aisle

Yesterday we married

We did it in style

Yesterday we had a daughter

We had a child, can this be true?

Yesterday we had a son

And now there are two.

Yesterday our daughter took our son by the hand

Helping him to walk, helping him to stand

Yesterday all of our parents

Were here and alive

Helping us along, helping us strive

Yesterday our grandparents

They were here too

Loving and laughing

Seeing us thru

Yesterdays are such a very special time

Single days in a journey

All falling into line

And what do you think happens

When yesterdays are all thru?

Why, we give them our blessings

And pass them all on to you.

Children Are...

Amazing, acknowledge them.

Believable, trust them.

Childlike, allow them.

Divine, honor them.

Energetic, nourish them.

Fallible, embrace them.

Gifts, treasure them.

Here Now, be with them.

Innocent, delight with them.

Joyful, appreciate them.

Kindhearted, learn from them.

Lovable, cherish them.

Magical, fly with them.

Noble, esteem them.

Open minded, respect them.

Precious, value them.

Questioners, encourage them.

Resourceful, support them.

Spontaneous, enjoy them.

Talented, believe in them.

Unique, affirm them.

Vulnerable, protect them.

Whole, recognize them.

Xtraspecial, celebrate them.

Yearning, notice them.

Zany, laugh with them.


2001, Meiji Stewart

These little hands can wave hello

or put smudges on the wall.

They can fold in prayer, throw a kiss

or reach up when I say, "so tall."


They will clasp your hand for an Autumn stroll

Or shape a dinosaur from clay.

But most of all, they will stay

with you when I'm grown and far away. 

~~~ Unknown~~~




Love is patient,

Love is kind.

It bears all things,

Believes all things,

Hopes all things,

Endures all things.

Love never fails.

1 Corinthians 13:4,7,8